NYC guide

“I am Eloise. I am six. I am a city child. I live at The Plaza.” My favorite childhood book and an apt description of me. I am most certainly a city child, from my first months in Manhattan to most of my life just outside DC. I always look forward to my spring trips back to the city. My adventures have varied over the years, but these are some of my favorite places and top recommendations divided by area of the city.

Neighborhoods I usually visit range from Chelsea to Soho, the East Side (Upper, Midtown & Flatiron) and of course the UWS.

The East Side

My East Side stops: This year on my Aunt’s recommendation I popped into the Guggenheim first to see their permanent collection which is only occasionally on display. It is definitely worth a trip if you have never been to the Frank Lloyd Wright designed museum. The Guggenheim: 1071 Fifth Ave The Met is my favorite … Continue reading The East Side


A Day in Chelsea: I hop the subway from W 96th and head downtown taking the C train to 14th/8th Ave. From there I walk over to 11th Ave and up to the Chelsea Piers Sports Center to fit in a workout. I am lucky enough to have a friend from high school who is … Continue reading Chelsea

Around the Flatiron

Trader Joe’s: 675 Sixth Ave, New York, NY I am always thrilled to discover another TJ’s in the city! This one like all of them can get super packed, but the line is managed efficiently by store staff. See my TJ’s favorite for recommendations and what I usually buy! I have a pretty unhealthy obsession … Continue reading Around the Flatiron