What’s in My Fridge

One of the things I have learned from my time on WAG is to make slight changes in how I grocery shop and keep things around the house that help me hit my macros consistently each day. Coach Melanie just wrote an article for the WAG blog about creating healthy habits: http://www.workingagainstgravity.ca/blog/creating-habits-for-success For me healthy choices for each meal especially during the school week start with my weekend grocery trips.

Here is my list of things I always have on hand or buy on a weekly basis:



  • 94%/6% lean beef – I buy either Laura’s lean beef from Target or the Trader Joe’s brand, the ultra lean cut helps me save my fat for more delicious items.
  • Chicken Breast – Just Bare from Target, 365 Whole Foods brand or Trader Joe’s brand.
  • Frozen shrimp – easy to reheat and switch up my dinner options
  • Chicken sausage – Trader Joe’s has awesome flavors and great prices! My favorite is the Roasted Garlic.
  • 0% Greek yogurt – I take a 5.3 oz cup (usually Chobani or Fage) in my lunch almost everyday and keep a large tub of plain for snacks! The fruit flavors tend to have 15-20g of carbs so I often mix plain with some PB2 and berries!


  • Baby Spinach – (3g of protein, 2g of carbs per serving) it’s an easy way to add volume and leafy greens to dinner
  • Raspberries and Blueberries – always the base of my breakfast smoothies, healthy ice cream or yogurt toppers!
  • Frozen mixed veggies – I buy the 4lb bag at Wegman’s once a month or so and eat at least a serving if not two almost every night for dinner. An easy way to get a serving of veggies with minimal prep.
  • Peppers, snap peas or broccoli – dip them in hummus for an afternoon snack
  • Field Greens – currently using Trader Joe’s Sorrento Salad as a base for my lunches

Other staples:

  • Seltzer – I quit drinking soda except on a very rare occasion so flavored seltzer is my carbonation fix. Spindrift has a few grams of carbs depending on the flavor but more of a fruit juice taste.
  • Coconut or Almond milk creamer – I am a total convert, not because I am anti diary but because even the vanilla or caramel flavors have 1-3g carbs max! Plus the milk I was buying kept going bad…
  • Hummus – I LOVE Perfect Pita hummus but it is a local brand and pricey. Travel size cups are another easy lunch item either Sabra or Wegman’s brand.
  • Siracha – easy to add flavor to a veggie/protein combo with no real macros to speak of.
  • Rao’s pasta sauces – SO tasty, made with relatively fresh ingredients, reasonable macros and great addition to zoodles or homemade pizza.
  • Yasso frozen yogurt pops or “ice cream” sandwiches – low in fat and reasonable carbs for a post dinner treat.
  • Halo Top – everyone’s favorite light “ice cream” – my favorite flavors are Birthday Cake, Red Velvet, Vanilla Bean and Oatmeal Cookie.
  • Light String Cheese – easy on the go snack and lower in fat.
  • “Carb Balance” tortillas – these are usually super high in fiber and good for dipping in hummus or snacking on with a cheese stick when you’re in a pinch or make for a tasty high fiber addition to dinner!

Organizational bins from Target, Bed Bath and Beyond or Container Store are the bomb! They keep my cans, veggies and yogurt organized and give me a better view of what I have available. I also love IKEA’s bag clips to close up frozen veggies, or other opened packages.

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