I joined Working Against Gravity affectionately known as Team WAG in April 2016. I have now spent almost a year tracking my macros (protein, fat & carbs) and checking in with my coach Kate every Monday. She has become a virtual friend, the Team a support community and I have been able to build muscle, lose fat and drop two weight classes without any loss of strength!

Isn’t weighing what you eat a giant pain you ask? Well here is how I will explain it. Remember those guessing jars where you had to estimate how many items were inside to win it? Well I sucked at those and what I realized after unsuccessfully tracking my food and calories and then macros without weighing, was that I also suck at estimating what I am eating. Do I weight absolutely everything now that I am a year into eating this way no, but when I first started being fastidious about finding out how much I was eating made all the difference.

If this sounds at all interesting to you I cannot recommend the program more highly! If you aren’t sure check out the 21 Day Challenge to get your feet wet: http://www.workingagainstgravity.ca/twenty-one-day-challenge