Both my father and grandmother were amazing cooks. My grandmother took classes while living in Paris and passed on her expertise to my dad. Cooking and baking has always been a fun pastime for me, my cookbooks fill multiple boxes! Over the years though I have realized that most of what I ate growing up in the 90s was pretty unhealthy… Through high school my athletics and youthful metabolism made up for this but starting freshman year of college I steadily gained about 5lbs a year. A year after joining Working Against Gravity I have a whole new relationship with how and what I eat.


I joined Working Against Gravity affectionately known as Team WAG in April 2016. I have now spent almost a year tracking my macros (protein, fat & carbs) and checking in with my coach Kate every Monday. She has become a virtual friend, the Team a support community and I have been able to build muscle, … Continue reading #WAGlife

“Staying on Track”

When I explain how I track macros many people look aghast. “You weigh what you eat all the time?” Initially yes, now I do estimate some of the time, but weighing out my dinner and prepping my breakfasts and protein for easy meals each week has become second nature. Here are my tips and tricks … Continue reading “Staying on Track”