I’ll take fries with that

Ever since I can remember we as a family have stopped for lunch on the way to the beach at the McDonald’s in Denton, MD.

You’d think since beginning to diet fried food would be completely banished from my life. Nope.

A girl at the gym stopped me in the locker room and asked me awhile back, “You are half your size! What did you cut out?!?” It was likely shocking to her but felt awesome to say, “Nothing.”

I certainly don’t go to McDonald’s with regularity, but I have built the toolkit to fit in treats or meals out periodically. Of course I have changed what I order a bit, but it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy

Here’s what I order now:
1 fish fillet sandwich – 18gP, 39gC, 20gF
1 small fry – 3gP, 29gC, 11gF
1 bag of apple slices – 0gP, 4gC, 0gF
Side salad with reduced fat balsamic – 1gP, 9gC, 2gF

33 grams of fat is more than half of my 50g daily target, so to balance I make sure that the majority of my carbs for the rest of the day come from fruits & veggies. Breakfast was protein powder and dinner will be chicken so that the majority of the rest of my protein comes from lean sources.

This is the beauty of flexible dieting. Nothing is forbidden as long as I can balance it out and be smart about my choices. Gone are the days of two fish fillets and a McDouble but now I appreciate the taste of crispy fries fresh from the fryer a bit more and savor the experience. Being a little more mindful helps me appreciate the treat rather than just scarfing it down.

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