365 Days of Counting

Today is April 18th. My “WAG-iversary.” Today I have been tracking macros with Working Against Gravity for one year. Looking back, it is hard to believe it has been a whole year. On April 18th 2016, I weighed 171 lbs. I had lost weight since I had started Olympic lifting but I was frustrated that it was only about 10 lbs. I was “counting calories” and roughly tracking macros based on some articles I had read, but seeing no progress. I was in the heaviest weight class for women and knew this was not where I wanted to be as a lifter or a person.

I started the program by taking pictures and filling out the initial survey. I was asked to include my goals: “My ideal end result is to look and feel healthier, to be a stable weight and a lower body fat % without sacrificing strength. I have made huge strides in building more sensible eating habits, but I need help and support to keep playing with numbers so I get the results I’m looking for. I also cannot live without ice cream and cheese, the occasional slice of pizza or beer. I realize I need help finding balance and with patience. I can’t wait to start this journey!”

I had no idea that I would stay on the program for a year. I wasn’t sure I could afford it or what to expect. This morning I weighed 145 lbs and since October have been comfortably below the 151 lbs that puts me in the 69kg weight class. My work isn’t done, but it is time to stop and reflect on the process, to appreciate what I have accomplished.

I haven’t just lowered the number on the scale, I’ve lost 9 inches from my hips, 6 from my waist and you can see the difference in my face. Even my high school ring fits loosely, something I’ve worn since spring of 2004. I went from starting to need a size 10 in pants to a 4, and some abs are finally starting to peek through…

It is also not just about the physical transformation. I have changed my approach to what I eat, how I grocery shop and most importantly how much I eat. I still measure out most of what I eat to make sure I am tracking the food accurately this allows me to work to continue to build muscle while losing fat. But I have gotten better at estimating a portion if I am out at a restaurant or in a hurry. (I still always have my mini scale in my purse though! Pocket Scale on Amazon). Having my allotted macros as a “budget” as it were allows me to plan meals and snacks so that by the end of the day I meet my goals without exceeding them, making sure that I am fueling my body to train or on rest days to rebuild. It might seem crazy to weigh or measure out what I eat, but I cannot argue with the results. Just like anything you do, it becomes a habit over time. It makes me more mindful of what my body needs to function in a balanced way, there is no food (or whole food group) I had to give up.

There are days I slip up, I eat too many cookies or drink too much wine but I now know how to course correct, and that if I consistently hit my numbers for the rest of the week I can get back on track. I am looking forward to seeing where the process takes me next. But for now I can say with confidence it has been a good year, and I am forever grateful I decided to try it (and pay for it).

One thought on “365 Days of Counting

  1. Alicia says:

    Work it, girl! You look damn good. But also, I see how much happier you are – unburdened not just physically, but emotionally too. Working out and eating well have truly transformed you.


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