Creating a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall adds A LOT of personality and visual interest to a large wall. Creating this one over my loveseat was a few week project collecting, framing and positioning this summer and has continued to evolve! I combined pieces a already owned with a few new prints.

IKEA frames are often irregular sizes, but the prices and style options are unbeatable, just be prepared to play around with the matting.

The two styles used here are the SÖNDRUM (small white) and the SILVERHÖJDEN (retangular silver)

I browsed many sites to pick prints that were varied in style and represented my personality.

Lulu & Georgia has tons of options in their Wall Art section. The llama and NYC skyline were my top picks from their site:

Llama Drama print 8X10:

Empire State of Mine Photography Print 8X12:

No Grit No Pearl is no longer available but came from Clementine another great source for unique prints and decor

I went with hanging the items intuitively after looking at the sizes and space, but if you don’t feel comfortable winging it check out Pinterest for gallery wall templates and hanging guides!


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